Sleepy morning

Left the cover off the grill last night and when pulled it off the deck chair this morning to put it away there were two visitors who had taken refuge underneath for a quiet night’s rest.  When I find creatures under cover like this I always wonder if they just happen to wander into it or if they are scoping out great places to hide.  As the nights get cooler and days shorter I’m expecting to see more outdoor citizens hoping to ward off the elements.


Eastern Grey Treefrog just hanging out

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA The moth warmed up enough to fly away in a few minutes; the frog climbed on the rail and starting looking around.  Didn’t think it would survive a drop off the deck so I moved him to a retaining wall.  Later discovered he’d moved to a vantage where he could once more survey the world around him.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow here’s a frog definitely not concerned about protective camouflage.


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