Deck party for the locals

When you live next to the woods there’s an expectation you will share space with neighbors from the wild side.  And this time of year it just makes sense to share a little food with the neighbors.  Not to mention the wonderful portrait opportunities a snack provides.

Everyone has an opinion on the virtue of squirrels.  Mine is they are inquisitive, playful, fussy, and generally a joy to watch.  Their antics as a crowd are like a group of kids on a schoolyard, making up games and rules as they go along.  Not sure what the evolutionary advantage of that is other than to entertain me and motivate me to pull my camera out to see if I can glimpse the story as it plays out.

The Greeks named them “they who sit in the shadow of their own tail” which is a fitting description to anyone spending a few minutes admiring their bushy appendage.  What a wonderful addition that tail must be, for balance, communication, warmth and fashion.



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