Monochrome patterns

Winter has been hesitant this season, creeping around a bit to poke at us now and then.  No white Christmas, hardly even freezing temperatures.  Very different from last year.  Here I am saving my B&W film for winter and all I’ve got is grey and shades of grey.

No more as of this weekend.  The Arctic is sharing a bit of the season with us as we’ll see single digit highs and finally – finally! – some snow.  Not only did we get a good covering (just about white everywhere) but the wind was constant from the west, piling up the snow and then moving it eastward.  Just like photography on the Plains – look for the interesting shapes on the surface.

And of course, opportunities to explore infrared as well.  Turns out pretty good, even when most of the trees have no foliage.


But here’s my question – how do people deal with all those tiny buttons on a DSLR while wearing enough gloves to keep hands warm?  Quite a dilemma – wear thin gloves to manipulate camera controls and get frostbite, or bundle up your hands but have just enough dexterity to press the shutter release (I’ve done the single lens challenge but the single setting one?)  Fortunately I’ve discovered the corners of my Hoodman loupe are just the right size to poke the buttons when I need to make changes to the menu or switch to Live View for manual focusing.  Good thing I don’t need to hold down two buttons at once!


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