Other Places

You make enough images and eventually even a high capacity hard drive gets full.  I was swapping out one of the internal drives on my computer for a new, empty one and thought I’d look through the images going offline.  I ran across this one in the RAW form and decided to work on it just to see something different than the current Wisconsin winter.

The scene is a cove on the east side of Lake Tahoe, right after sunrise.  I liked the diagonal line from rocks to trees, starting in the lower left and going upward to the right.  The mountains in the background make a nice horizontal cut through that diagonal.  I wish there had been some big puffy clouds in the sky but alas, just clear blue that day.

What I enjoyed about being in this place, and what kept me there for a couple of hours shooting, was the contrast of harsh, rocky shore with the smooth water and distant mountains.  Just enough wind to ripple the lake but not so much as to generate crashing waves.  About the only sound here were a couple of loons swimming around feeding.

Given human nature I’m sure every inch of Tahoe shore would be lake residences for the fortunate few but thanks to people looking ahead with the desire for anyone to encounter what I did that day it remains possible to capture and share such a peaceful and rugged landscape.



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