Season changing texture

The robins are back, intently watching the snow-free lawns for signs of worms and bugs awaking from their winter sleep.  In spite of the brisk cool breeze and today’s sleet, spring does appear to be on the way.  This weekend we visited a couple of the garden spots in Milwaukee to see what’s shaping up for the new season.

The Botanical Gardens are still dormant but there are several pieces of statuary on the grounds that caught my eye.  The sun was hitting two of the pieces just right to give a range of tones.  The irregular nature of the carvings, the rough surfaces, and the angle of the sun gave me a sense of painting rather than sculpture.  So I processed the images to accentuate that feeling.

These are actually photographic images of concrete sculpture, even though you’d swear there are brush stokes on the surface.  The right light can make or break an image.

The garden conservatories in Milwaukee are housed in three domes, each with a different environment.  With nothing but clear blue sky behind, I thought the skeleton of such a structure was interesting, especially where you take the color out.

But what is a day exploring gardens like without a little color?  One dome is full of tropical plants and the low sun was giving some great shadows.  Here’s the heart of the garden in fully glory.

How’s your spring shaping up?


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