Color returns

Well, it seems to be returning to Wisconsin with the longer days and somewhat warmer temperatures.  Right now my hope is that thinking strongly about it arriving will make it show up faster.  In the meantime I’m going through my Lightroom catalog to see springs past just to get the image juices flowing.

Every year at this time there’s a sea of color in Carlsbad, CA as the Flower Fields open.  You can read more about the reason this is here and see some images by clicking here.  My images below pre-date my digital days – these are all Kodachrome slides I’ve digitized and processed.

This is a place you almost need to spend a couple of days wandering through.  Not that it’s so large but because it can be overwhelming to the eyes.  Your choice of compositions abound – macro, panoramic, landscapes, portraits, wedding, kids, etc.  It just takes patience to find the image you want and wait for the lighting that makes it shine.

California is under a severe drought – I hope this place hasn’t been affected.  It’s one of the treasures of southern California if you’re a flower photographer!

What does spring look like where you are?


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