Clearly spring

I’m back on a sharpness kick.  Guess it has to do with what happens when you take some time to really see what you’re looking at in the world around you.  Snapping pictures casually is great for documenting your presence at a place and time, but to really show what you’re seeing means you’ve actually seen it.  And really seeing is an individual activity – each person sees something unique, some aspect that defines the whole just for that person.

For me the incredible sharpness that results from good technique and good gear enhances the three dimensional appearance of the subject.  Every nuance stands out but also merges with all the other elements to present the expected aspect of the subject.  Sharpness enables the photographer to shape the story in the image, telling the viewer to pay attention here, but it’s OK if you ignore over there.

Flowers make great subjects for this type of work.  They aren’t going anywhere, they have marvelous details, and although they constitute the scenery for a whole season, they are gone before you know it and won’t be back for a year.  All this means paying attention to them right now, in this moment, returns wonderful rewards.

It’s also one place where color isn’t a distraction!


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