A lost world?

What I’m looking for, strolling through my image catalog in search of intimate landscapes, is that small vignette of a space filled with interesting characters.  The interest may be texture, shape, contrasts, personality, whatever seems to come together in a composition to want you to take a second look.  Stripping the color away means I have to pay attention to form, placement, tonal quality, dynamic range – all those technical aspects that when used correctly contribute to a well crafted image.

Here the flowers are bright against a darker background.  They are lacy in a field of flat.  Behind them is a gradually darkening space leading to whatever your imagination conjures.  The ferns break up the space into ordered pieces with their planar, sectioned leaves.  They generally point to the flowers, emphasizing and reinforcing your eye to return there.

Where does this miniature jungle lead?  What’s behind the dark ferns?  Are the flowers struggling against the encroaching ancient ferns or is there a symbiotic relationship between them?  What creatures might inhabit such a world?

You stop to look and gradually you are imagining all sorts of things.  About a picture of ferns and flowers.


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