Sharp? Who cares!

No, I haven’t ended my pursuit of really sharp images.  I’m just playing around with ISO400 speed film and large apertures.  Not only will some parts of the image be out of focus but the grain is large enough to make even the sharpest edge a little dull.  Still, not looking bad.  I’m developing Kodak Tri-X Pan 400 film using Xtol developer, indicated by Kodak for use when fine grain and sharp edges are desired.  Seems to be turning out pretty good.  And at this point, pretty good means an image is actually developing on the film!  B&W is actually fairly hard to screw up in the darkroom but I’m always up for a challenge…

Soon I’ll switch to Kodak T-Max 100 so I’m expecting the images to look at little less fuzzy.

I’m expecting my film experience to improve my digital images, once I pick up a digital camera again!


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