Seasonal splendor

Summer heat is building, even in Wisconsin.  Between the moisture and the sunshine it feels like we’re much farther south so I can’t imagine what it must be like in the lower latitudes.  Fortunately it doesn’t stay around here that long and the air conditioning takes the edge off fairly well.

One positive for photographers is these are the days of big puffy clouds.  And with all this sunlight how can you not go IR?!

Pergola and vine

Surrealistic garden

Awaiting afternoon tea

Summer field and trees

I like the first one most of all.  Something about the side-by-side contrast of structured shape and organic chaos, along with the tonal gradations throughout the image.  The shadows and highlights both have nice structure so you can sense the texture and details across the image.  It “feels” more artistic than the others.

The second one has a somewhat avant-garde look to it, like an album cover from the ’60’s where being strange but recognizable was a sign of coolness.

The third is a basic garden composition – could work as simply B&W or IR.  It’s a documentary shot.

The last one is a scene I’ve been watching for a few days.  The field was recently cut and is a golden yellow color, interspersed with the green trees and framed by the forest in the background.  It really got interesting when the clouds showed up.  As you see, the cloud overhead doesn’t let a lot of IR through – the shadow is very dark.  But in the bright parts the IR glow is very apparent.  I get the sense of a wave of light rolling toward the camera, expected to break right in the shadow area.

The downhill seasonal slide to fall means foliage changes and back to color photography.  For now B&W seems to tell the better story.


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