Following advice of an instructor, I periodically look through my Lightroom catalog to see if my opinion of an image has changed or if I’ve learned some new post-processing technique that will make an otherwise dull composition sparkle.  And it’s fun to see all the places I’ve taken my camera to make images of cool places.

But sometimes there are images that just puzzle me.  Here’s a scene on MacDonald Creek in Glacier National Park.  I was playing around with medium format slide film, trying to see what the dynamic range might be from light to dark.  Slide film is notorious for having a narrow range and little latitude for exposure.  Get off 1/2 stop from just right and you’ll lose something in the highlights or shadows.  So, this scene seemed a good place to test it out.  The image was scanned a few years ago and I’m just now getting around to working on it – nice about digital, it can wait.  A little curves adjustment, a little shadow adjustment, some sharpening, and I see the latitude was more than I expected and dynamic range was pretty good.  Then I started looking at the actual image and wondering…..

20110914-4-018….WHERE WAS I STANDING?!?

I really don’t remember being out in the middle of a raging creek and from the looks of this one getting out there would be something that should stick in my mind.  Trying to picture the trail along the creek I don’t remember a bridge or overlook or even a big rock jutting over the water.  Hard as I might I’m just not recalling how this image got made.  Sure looks like it was fun, though.

Yeah, for all the metadata cameras keep up with sometimes you still have to write things down.  Doubly so for film cameras.  Especially when used by crazy photographers.


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