Winter is monochrome time

Black and white landscapes are pretty interesting, aren’t they?  Amazing how the details pop out once the color is removed.  It’s all there, right in front of us, but we get caught up in the contrasting colors and don’t see the shapes and tones.

Rio Grande Norte

Rio Grande Norte, Colorado

I do like the immediacy of digital photography, but the real fun is doing these type conversions later in the computer.  It’s practice – I want to be able to do this with sheet film.  And that means learning what colors in the landscape will provide the right tones on the film.  Filters can help some but it still requires the right “eye” to anticipate the light and shadows that will work best.

Probably the best practice is to stand by a great photographer and listen to the internal conversation that leads to decisions about composition, exposure, filters, processing, etc.  I’m guessing that would be tricky – when I’m out with my view camera I’m so caught up in all I’m trying to see, do and decide that I’m not a conversationalist at all.  Guess only the truly great photographers can create a great image and teach about it at the same time!


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