Lines and clouds

Sometimes structure is good in a photograph.


Plants insist that spring is here now, in spite of the recent snow and chilly temperatures.  Yeah, flowers get all the attention with their bright petals and colorful throats designed to attract pollinators.  What does the beginning look like?  Who pays attention to the small sprout coming up out of the cold ground announcing the change of seasons?

Well, I did lately.  Playing around with a focusing rack designed for macro photography I made some really close images of early spring.  I’m still learning the ins and outs of focus stacking, both the mechanical and processing tricks.  Very short depth of field close-ups are perfect for this since you can control the viewer’s attention by defining what’s in focus and what’s not.

Here’s a crocus that’s made it up ready to bloom.


And here’s a peony sprout pushing its way up to form a stalk that will be 2-3 feet tall and support a huge blossom.


I liked the tones in this image.  It was a cloudy day with the sun over my right shoulder and the lighting turned out looking like a studio set-up.  But no, I’m down on my knees with my camera on the ground making a dozen images that will be blended into this broader depth of field.  But about those tones.  I thought this one would look better as a monochrome – let me know what you think.