What is the story of autumn?

Door County Panoramic

Door County Panoramic

I’m still working through the images from fall color hunting but as feared, not really finding any outstanding shots.  This was a grove of trees on the edge of a field on one of the few days with actual sunshine.  Casually driving around and looking at scenery would have convince the average person there was lots of great scenes this fall but taking time to find something to compose was a different story.

Speaking of which, what is the story for fall colors?  Is it the brilliant end of a growing season?  A nostalgic memory of earlier autumns?  The slight chill in the air accompanying the changing colors that reminds us of the season to come (and its associated holidays for family and friendship)?  If one had the perfect photograph of fall colors, what story would it tell?  What memory would it elicit?  What emotion would it stimulate?

Never really thought about it.  Photographing the changing colors just seems like the thing to do in and of itself.  But there must be some basic, primary essence of why we enjoy such images.  And linger our gaze on some while passing by others.  Perhaps figuring that out will enable me to see even the least autumn in a new way.



2 thoughts on “What is the story of autumn?

  1. Interesting post. Pre camera’s, clocks and watches the change of colour would be natures way of telling us that time is moving on. Here our autumn has been very dry so the leaves have dried on the tree like parchment and make quite a noise when they fall and hit the ground, drawing my attention to the season changing in an audible way.


    • The crunch of leaves underfoot is a great sign of autumn – I forgot about that one. The wind blowing on your trees must have made quite a noise. As you say, hard to ignore the change of season with all that racket going on.


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