Winter colors

Just kidding – right now there are few colors other than the Christmas decorations remaining on the houses and streetlights.  Enough snow has melted to drop the landscape from monochrome to at least light and dark tones.  Weather is three cloudy days for every sunny one as some storm near Alaska keeps churning fronts across the Great Lakes.  I take whatever lighting I can get to practice exposure and composition.

A local park was created from an old limestone quarry and crushing site.  A few walls remain to outline the work structures that once stood on the side of the giant hole in the ground.  The easiest building material was the slabs of limestone being brought out so there are lots of lines and shapes to see, set against the organic background of trees.  A good place to play with shadows, shapes, tones and focus.

The following is a mix of digital and film – can you tell the difference?


The first image is 4×5 sheet film, Kodak TMax 100, exposed and developed for neutral results.  The other two are digital infrared images, long exposures through a R72 filter and then processed through NIK Silver Efex Pro software.  Each has a unique look to it that appears independent of the source.  If I stare at them long enough I think I see a better gradation across the tones in the film image than the digital but that’s probably artificial due to the differences in processing methods.  The film scan contains much more information than the digital, though, so it will produce a much larger print at the same resolution as the digital.  But who prints anymore?


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