What’s by the road?


I was reading a comment by a photographer who said much of his work represented scenes he caught out of the corner of his eye while driving around.  It appealed to me and how I behave while out with my camera.  As much as I would like to have a destination in mind and a composition waiting for me there, much of my outdoor photography is just driving around.  Looking for interesting things, objects, scenes.  Places where I can stop, get out and wander around, working the scene that had caught my attention.

Usually it’s simple things, not grand landscapes.  After some shooting – getting the muscle memory going again – I start looking.  And then I really start seeing.  What is the relationship among the objects?  What is the light doing to them?  What are the shadows telling me?

I enjoy taking time to really see things we generally drive by and ignore.  The textures of nature affected by man’s action.  The symmetry, intentional and not, of how the land is used and what it produces.  The way we make the land into our own.


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