Wintery weather

There are more cloudy days in a year around here than sunny, making photography interesting if you’re into bright colors and blue skies.  So you take what you get.  And in winter that means shapes, forms, composition and tones.

Dark and light make up the winter world.  Nature provides the edges, defining one part of the world from another.  And the edges change.  You can go back to the same place every day and find something new.

Water’s relationship to winter is always fascinating.  Moving it creates surfaces and borders that wax and wane as solid fights liquid for supremacy, always with temperature as an ally for one or the other.  The flowing stream supplies a source of freezing material at the shore, gradually building up a new edge that is then eroded away by the moving water.  Today a solid sheet stretching from the ground over the creek, tomorrow a sinuous knife edge being sharpened each moment by its liquid parent.


The frozen lake, until recently a source of nourishment for the trees on the edge, now a surface holding back its liquid from the bare branches.  The white frame of the sky and ice surrounding the tendrils of limbs waiting for the thaw.



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