What’s your choice of camera?

Within reasonable driving distance I have no problem hauling around a variety of gear, prepared to photograph anything from close-ups of flowers to wide panoramas.  Since I’m usually exploring rather than seeking a specific composition, having flexibility with gear is important.

When traveling by air I put as much as I can in my carry-on camera bag, but I’m finding that becomes a burden to haul around.  And really, when I’m just visiting places for fun, how many different scenes should I really prepare for anyway?  To that end, I’m thinking of a small, multi-purpose quality camera kit I can put in a few pockets or small bag.  The classic kit would be a Leica M series rangefinder with a couple of lenses but that would pretty much cost more than the trip or vacation.  So what other alternatives are there?  I’m looking for advice.

What do you carry with you on trips that gives you the flexibility to photograph most of what interests you, delivers quality images, and doesn’t need a backpack to haul around?  Let me know your favorite kits and what’s in your bag for travel.


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