Winter shape

The park nearby is around an old limestone quarry.  The pit is a lake now, available for swimming, canoes and scuba diving.  Artifacts from the days when the mining company was in full swing are still in the park to connect the past and present.  With the right light they give a nice contrast between manufactured and nature.


This is all that remains of a rock crusher situated next to the pit.  Limestone from this area was used as structural elements in buildings but most of it was crushed to become aggregate for roads and such.  Late light falling on the crusher enabled me to show the texture of the worn metal and dimensionality of its shape.  The bullet nose contrasts nicely with the chaotic tree-line on the lake’s far shore.


This small wetland bisects through the park, giving the passing waterfowl a choice between open water and hiding in the tall grass.  The shape here that looks like a mowed path is where the small stream meanders through the park.  I liked how the sun was falling on the duck nest on the right, looking across the open grass to the tree spreading various limbs over the marsh.  Again, the ordered structure of the nesting box contrasts against the fractal nature of the tree limbs as they branch smaller and smaller, ending in a fuzzy edge against the sky.


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