Portraying more

Sticking to the card theme.  Here are a couple more I’ve put together.

Landscape photographers debate whether their images are intended to tell a story or simply document a scene.  I’ve seen compelling work in both genres but feel my bias is to the latter.  Maybe it comes from growing up with National Geographic magazines where photographers worked hard to simply show what’s out there to an audience that wasn’t able to travel to distant and exotic lands.

Initial my interest was to capture in my images the iconic scenes at places I was able to visit.  I think it was a comparison thing – could I make an image as good as the one that drew me to the location in the first place.  I still do that a bit but now I’m also trying to find my own perspective, a look at the scene that I find interesting.  Not as extreme as some photographers who go to great and crazy lengths to make images literally where no man has gone before, but rather a view of a scene that is not the iconic.  One that shows a sense of the place different that the postcard version (yes, ironic to turn them into cards, I know).

The Half Dome scene in Yosemite is from the valley floor; usually Half Dome is portrayed from Glacier Point high on the wall near it.  I chose this location because it shows how immense the feature is above the ground and adds a peaceful sense to the foreground compared to the wild nature of the granite wall.

The scene in the Gorge is just a typical fall color profusion.  I wanted to show the horizontal bands of color with the white trunks cutting through to reach upward.  The nice thing about fall colors is I could have stood right on this site a week before and a week after and gotten three different images.  A good example of an iconic image but not an iconic location in time or space.


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