Trumpets of spring

Trilliums have been the harbinger of spring for me since my first spring in Michigan.  Just as the leaves in the trees started to green up the woods there would be these white stars appearing on the forest floor.  Some areas would be dotted with white and some would display a carpet of brightness against the dark green and brown.  Only in the woods would you see them, creatures of the deep forest floor, too shy to venture into the sunlight.

Delightfully I see these in Wisconsin as well, peeking out of the ground before the other plants put out their leaves and start competing for the limited sunshine let in through the branches above that are rapidly extending their leaves to create shade underneath.  A brief glance is just about all you get before the white is gone, followed soon by the part of the plant above ground, gone for another year to rest before springing up again to remind us of the seasonal cycle.


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