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Wherever you go, that’s where you are

I do a lot of local photography in and around the parks we have in our part of town.  You’ve seen several images from these over the time I’ve been writing on this blog.  Well, I just learned how to incorporate maps into my posting so I thought I’d use this feature to show where I’m shooting.

This is Two Rivers State Recreational Area on the Platte River west of Omaha:

And this is Wehrspann Lake, part of the Chalco Hills Recreation Area.  Most of my photographs of deer were taken here.

Here are two other places on the Platte where I can get into the woods and find interesting compositions.  First is Schramm Park, south of Omaha:

And the other is Platte River State Park:

I like these because they are rarely crowded, each contain what passes for a forest in Nebraska, and have varying terrain so the wildlife is different in each one.  They also give me a choice of wide perspectives as well as macro views.  I consider them teaching labs to help me become comfortable with gear and technique so when I take advantage of being in the “grand” landscape I’m ready to make the images I want.

So, this is a cool addition to a blog.  But does it really bring anything to the story?  What do you think?