Food and light

We’re experimenting with growing a little of our food this summer, anticipating expanding to a real garden sometime in the future.  Right now it’s just a couple of small raised beds out back under the deck so in this limited space we’re going for crops with a high probability of actually producing something.  And something we’d want to eat.

It was easy to nix corn right at the start – we’re surrounded by it so let others manage that one.  And we’re pretty sure we don’t have the central California weather needed for broccoli or cauliflower, so those are off the list.  Since we can only eat so much at a time we definitely focused on crops that produce over a long period of time so anything that is a one-off bearer will have to wait until later.  You start this type of thinking and the list gets short fast.

Well, at least some tomatoes.  Not only can they be put into many different recipes but they aren’t a tedious crop.  Get them growing, watered and debugged and that’s pretty much it.  Looking back now we probably needed more sunlight but our current location options are limited full sun or parbroil.  We elected to try the former this year.

All that variegated shadow and light under the plants makes for some pretty cool exposure, even around noon.  I noticed how dark and deep the shadows were under the big tomato leaves while the concrete was reflecting light back under to hit the small fruit.  Looked like an opportunity to play around with some HDR.