Snowfall time lapse

Every noticed how snow turns the world white almost without you noticing?  Glance out a window and you suddenly realize it has snowed and quietly covered your yard with a clean, white blanket.  Wouldn’t it be nice to watch that happen?

We’ve been hearing about a serious snowstorm coming our way for a couple of days so I set up a camera to look out my office window and used a remote shutter release to take a picture a minute until I got a little over 125 pictures (good exercise for while you are working on emails!).  I made some minor adjustments to the exposure on all of them, dropped them into iMovie with a short duration between each, and converted the whole thing into a 30 sec. video.  It’s pretty interesting to watch how nothing dramatic happens until you suddenly realize the scene is white.  Where did that come from?!

Take a look and see what you think.

Relay for Life – help by clicking and viewing

So, here’s an effort by my alma mater to get $5000 toward the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life campaign.  Don’t know how the purple gloves fit in but the effort by the people here is simply wonderful.  If you still have a question as to whether video should be a part of your visual portfolio, here’s a cause that should demonstrate how to use that equipment and have fun!