Learn why instead of how

I’ve added a blog to my image website that you might find interesting.  From the home page simply click on Blog in the toolbar at the top and you will be taken to it.  Why do I feel there’s a need for more of my writing to show up on the web?  Well, the blog here has mostly been where I write about the technical, historical or philosophical aspects of photography, mine and other’s.  From conversations and comments on the content here I’ve realized some people are more interested in photographs for other than technical reasons – why did I make that particular image rather than how I did it.  As I continue improving my craft I’ve been listening more to that inner voice that moves your sight, the emotional aspect of a scene that motivates the brain to do something to capture it.  I’m a long way from effectively capturing the emotion I feel from a scene or telling the story that I realized a scene portrays, but I am listening to my inner realization about a scene more and more, and that’s what I want to share in my other blog.  Ultimately, isn’t the story about a photograph much more interesting than the dry details about how it was made?

Also on my image website I’ve created a folder for new entries (currently called, uncreatively, New in 2012).  I plan to update this about every quarter.  Many of these will make an appearance on one blog or the other but what you’ll see in this folder is the final, fully processed version that fulfills my expectation for the image.

Just as you can comment on content found here I look forward to your comments on the other site.  Thanks to all for following my learning.

New Gallery Images

I’ve added some of my favorite images from the first half of 2011, photos from different areas of the West all telling their own unique story.  Take a look.